The Satirist's Love Song
Artist: Lemon Demon
Album: View-Monster
Length: 2:07


Our love is a great work of satire.
A subtle critique.
Postmodern, a mocking masterpiece
right up there with the Greek.

I've been satirizing ever since
the first day we met.
Our love is a great work of satire
that you just didn't get.

Every time we kissed
it was right up there with Swift.
Red roses and champagne...
It was right up there with Twain.

Our love is my personal soapbox now.
A sarcastic affair
exploding with irony and burlesque
right up there with Voltaire.

I meant not a single tender word

that I ever said.

Our love is a great work of satire

that flew over your head.

(flew over your head)

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