Sick Puppy
Artist: Lemon Demon
Album: Hip To The Javabean
Length: 9:40


This song is an instrumental except for this bit at the end:

Sick puppy, you’re a threat to the peace.
Gone batty, running from the county police.
Well, I hope you get well soon.
Why, baby, did you have to do that?
Set fire to Mrs. Ellerman’s cat… meow!
Well I hope you get well soon.
If I were a registered psychiatrist,
We could be together for all time.
It’s a shame you’re on the lam,
But I don’t really give a damn
That you used a stolen taser on that unsuspecting mime.
Sick puppy, have you been taking your pills?
No worries, but you better head for the hills.
Well I hope you get well soon.
I hope you get well soon.
I hope you get well soon.

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