Microwave This CD is the second album from Neil Cicierega's first musical project Deporitaz. The original artwork and track listing is unknown. However, Neil has made a list of tracks that could have been songs from the album.

Album ArtEdit

Even though the original artwork is lost in the unknown land of Neil's old computer, websites would usually use a drawing of a flower along with the text "Trapezoid: Microwave This CD". As a joke, a picture of an Aaron Carter album would be associated with the album.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Cheezy As Cheez
  2. Chop My Head Off For Me
  3. El Disco Malvado De Muerte
  4. Faze 1 And A Half
  5. Gee Whiz
  6. How Many Times
  7. Molten Lava 2000
  8. No, Regis, No!
  9. Of Course Not
  10. Scope
  11. Seizures In The Sun
  12. Smosho's Journey
  13. Spiders
  14. The Adventure Of
  15. The Chips
  16. The Horror
  17. Untitled
  18. World War Something
  19. Zombies

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