Dimes is Trapezoid's third and last album, and the only to include vocals. Due to Trapezoid's "posthumous" name change to "Deporitaz", an alternative.The complete album (with full, uncorrupted MP3s) is available for download here.


Track Listing Edit

  • I Know Your Name
  • Blue Goggles
  • The World's Worst Secret Track
  • Antispider
  • Pink Lemons Exist
  • Monkey Brain Soup for the Soul
  • Nocturnal King Bob
  • Wizard Hat Pie
  • Duracell
  • Killed by Telephones
  • 011000100110100101101110011000010111001001111001
  • Super DeadLight X
  • Sim Fandango
  • Please Don't Recycle
  • Invisible Blood

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