Pitcher in the No. 8 spot: A bad idea that apparently will not go away
April 8, 2010 | 11:43 am
While we’re talking about lineups -- hey, we were just a post ago -- how’s that pitcher-batting-eighth thing going for the Pirates?

This oddly-in-vogue managerial move continues to be one of the more baffling maneuvers ever. Have yet to hear a truly logical explanation.

It’s a roll of the dice, but there’s a slightly better chance of your No.8 hitter coming up with runners on than your No.9.

In the bottom of the fourth the Pirates had the bases loaded, two outs and the No.8 hitter up. That would be pitcher Paul Maholm, who promptly struck out.

End of inning, end of would-be rally.

I know Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa, who designed this strategy, is supposed to have this elevated IQ, and it worked out earlier in the series, but that’s pure luck. A strategy that needs to be buried.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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